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Since 2010, this project has been carried out mainly through workshops, trainings, as well as other associated activities in between meetings.


The Fourth WESTPAC Workshop on "Toxic Marine Organisms" project (WESTPAC-TMO-IV) was organized on 24 April 2014. The workshop aimed to review the progress made on the translation of the publication in English entitled “Ciguatera: Field Reference Guide” into local languages and discuss about future activities of TMO project in 2014-2015 on Ciguatera Fish Poisonings (CFP). Total 40 participants including 11 project steering committee members joined the workshop.

“Ciguatera: Field Reference Guide” has been translated into five languages: Chinese, Thai, Tagalog, Malay and Vietnamese. Malay and Tagalog versions were submitted. Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese versions would be submitted in June 2014. In addition, participants from Russia and Japan agreed to participate in the translation of the book in Russian and Japanese respectively.

The workshop agreed that Ciguatera Fish Poisonings (CFP) would be one of main activities of the TMO project in 2014-2015. The status of ciguatera could be assessed through the study of reef fishes and causative dinoflagellate species. Participating countries were encouraged to assess the status of CFP in their home country. The workshop also proposed joint field survey on the ciguatera outbreak event in the region.

However, considering the difficulties in CFP study, such as sample collection, limited laboratory facilities and human resources, Dr. Dao Viet Ha, TMO Project Leader suggested that TMO focus its activities in 2014 – 2015 on the development of Guide Book on Toxins. She would take a lead to develop one proposal and send it to all members in June 2014 for further comments and revisions.

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Third WESTPAC Training Workshop on Toxic Marine Organisms and their Toxins “Technical guideline for Ciguatera study: experiences from Japan” was organized at the University of Tokyo, Japan with one of major objectives to develop one regional technical guideline on ciguatera study with reference to the experiences of Japan.

The two days workshop, with the contribution of invited Japanese experts on ciguatoxins and other marine toxins, aims to improve knowledge on present situation of Ciguatera in member states, and develop one regional technical guidance on the collection of ciguatera poisonings, including clarification of clinical symptoms, identification of possible causative food, sample collecting for screening toxicity and toxin identification.

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