There are currently four full-time staff working in the WESTPAC Office. In addition, we have staff from the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources of Thailand to support our work.

  Wenxi Zhu
Head and Programme Specialist
E-mail: w.zhu[at]unesco.org, Tel: +66 2 141 1287
  Orathai Pongruktham
Programme Officer
E-mail: o.pongruktham[at]unesco.org 
  Nachapa Saransuth
Programme Assistant
E-mail: n.saransuth[at]unesco.org, Tel: +66 2 141 1288
  Saranyapatch Leewiwattanaporn
Administrative Assistant
E-mail: s.leewiwattanaporn[at]unesco.org, Tel: +66 2 141 1449
  Kunlathida Winyunanthakul 
Administrative Assistant
Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, Thailand, Tel: +66 2 141 1289


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