IOC Sub-Commission

for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC)

Internship Programme

WESTPAC offers an on-the-job training opportunity for graduate and post-graduate students worldwide to enhance their academic experience through practical work assignments as a part of the internship and volunteer programme of UNESCO. Subject to submission of the application form, internship or volunteer assignments can last up to six months and are not required to enroll full-time. Interns and volunteers are incorporated in the work as junior team members under the supervision of the Head of the IOC Regional Office for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC). However, remuneration and employment expectation are not offered.

Please find here more information on UNESCO Volunteer Programme.pdf and UNESCO Internship Programme.

Applications will be screened by the Head of the IOC Regional Office for the Western Pacific. To apply for an internship, the following documents shall be submitted:

1. UNESCO Internship Application Form.doc or UNESCO Volunteer Application Form.doc

2. Curriculum Vitae

3. Cover letter

 * Applicants will be contacted only if their candidature has been taken under consideration.


If you are interested in working as an intern or volunteer at the UNESCO-IOC Regional Office for the Western Pacific, Bangkok, please complete the Application Form and submit it along with a covering letter and a passport-sized photo by email to:

Chief, Director's Office UNESCO Bangkok

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