IOC Sub-Commission

for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC)

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State Oceanic Administration of China (SOA)

First Institute of Oceanography (FIO) of SOA

Second Institute of Oceanography (SIO) of SOA

National Marine Environment Forecasting Center (NMEFC)

National Marine Data and Information Services (NMDIS)

State Key Laboratory of Marine Geology, Tongji University

State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research, East China Normal University

College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Ocean University of China

Key Laboratory of Marine Bio-resources Sustainable Utilizing, South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Indonesian Institute of Sciences

Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Bogor Agriculture University

Agency for Marine and Fisheries Research, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries


Asian Natural Environmental Science Center (ANESC), University of Tokyo

Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute (AORI), University of Tokyo

Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA)

Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)

Ministry of Education, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)

Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Department of International Cooperation, State Hydro-Meteorological Administration (SHMA)

Republic of Korea

Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST)


National Oceanography Directorate (NOD), Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI)

Research Centre for Tropical Climate Change System (IKLIM), Faculty of Science and Technology, National University of Malaysia


UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines

Russian Federation

V.I.Il’ichev Pacific Oceanological Institute (POI), Far Eastern Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences


Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Department of Marine Science, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University


Institute of Oceanography, Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology

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