IOC Sub-Commission

for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC)

Terms of Reference of the Working Group

The major mandate of the WESTPAC MRET Working Group is to facilitate, monitor and advise on the development of MRET in WESTPAC region by doing the following:
• Identify opportunities for promoting and linking MRET experts and establish networking among member states in MRET field;
• Monitor regional status on MRE in order to provide baseline information, identity the challenges and share practices among member states;
• Provide recommendations for policy maker;
• Promote enhancement of capacity building through series of workshop, learning network and exchange of experts; and
• Develop regional pilot projects during and after the workshop. Meetings will be held no less than one meeting a year, or otherwise to be determined by the working group at its first meeting. Additional communication will be carried out by email.

Working period of the Working Group is 4 years (2012-2016)

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