IOC Sub-Commission

for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC)

Chairperson and Members of the Working Group

The main membership of the working group shall consist of the experts (or appointed representative) from all interested WESTPAC member states. The proposed initial WG members are those country representatives who attended the 1st MRET Workshop:
• Malaysia - Prof. Dr. Omar Yaakub
• Malaysia - Dr Baharum Ismail
• Malaysia - Prof. Dr. Noraieni Haji Mokhtar
• Japan - Mr Shin Tani
• China - Mr Cui Lin
• Indonesia - Dr Mukhtasor
• Philippines - Engr Loreto Carasi
• Republic of Korea - Dr Jang Won Chae
• Vietnam - Mr Vu Minh Phap
• Fiji - Assoc. Prof.Dr. Rafiuddin

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