IOC Sub-Commission

for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC)

Terms of Reference of the Working Group

1. Composition

The Project Steering Group shall consist of all member states of WESTPAC interested to participate. Once the Project Leader is identified by IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific, he/she shall serve as the Chairperson of this Steering Group. Each Country, through its IOC National Focal Point shall designate one or two members with expertise on jellyfish in consultation with the Project Leader. The Group is encouraged to conduct the work through correspondence. However, they shall meet if needed at the expense of the participating countries as far as possible. Other participants may be invited as observer if deemed necessary.

2. Functions

The Project Steering Committee is established to meet the scientific, managerial implementation, and resource needs of the WESTPAC- Harmful Jellyfish Project. It has overall responsibility for the formulation of strategy, and for the planning and coordination of WESTPAC-Harmful Jellyfish Project.

The Group will carry out the following functions:

1. Review the regional concerns on harmful jellyfishes, and identify the project requirements;
2. Promote efficient and cost-effective implementation of the WESTPAC Project and prepare recommendations on this implementation to the IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific;
3. Identify the resources necessary to meet HJ project needs;
4. Ensure effective interaction and communication with WESTPAC, as well as other regional intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations (e.g., PICES) involved in research on harmful jellyfish; and
5. Report to the IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific.

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