IOC Sub-Commission

for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC)

Project Steering Group

Project leader:
Jing Zhang
State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research
East China Normal University
3663 Zhongshan Road North Shanghai 200062 China
Phone: +86-21-62233009 Fax: +86-21-62546441

Moreover, IOC/WESTPAC-CorReCAP Project has a steering group composed of colleagues as below:
China: Prof. Jing Zhang and Dr. Dao Ru Wang
Malaysia: Prof. Noor Azhar bin Mohamed Shazili and Dr. Affendi Yang Amri
Indonesia: Dr. Jamaluddin Jumpa and Dr. Suhendar I Sachoemar
Vietnam: Dr. Nguyen An Khang and Prof. Tac An Nguen
Thailand: Dr. Niphon Phongsuwan and Dr. Thamasak Yeemin
Philippines: Dr. Porfirio M. Alino and Prof. Fernando P. Siringan
Australia: Prof. R. John Morison
Rep. of Korea: Dr. Gi-Hoon Hong and Dr. Heung-Sik Park
Russia: Dr. Pavel Tishchenko

Other member countries of IOC/WESTPAC are invited to nominated colleagues and join the steering group of this IOC/WESTPAC-CorReCAP Project.

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