IOC Sub-Commission

for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC)


The IOC/WESTPAC-CorReCAP Project was adopted on the endorsed by IOC/WESTPAC Sub-Commission on its 7th meeting at Sabah/Malaysia in 26-29 May 2008, with major objectives of this proposed project are as follows:
• To understand the biogeochemical and ecological nature of coral reefs in WESTPAC in different geographic, physical and environmental settings, as well as different types of human interventions;
• To evaluate the consequence of impact of climate change and other human activities on the health of coral reefs and their sustainable use, and
• To promote capacity building in areas related to research on coral reefs through sharing scientific knowledge and training activities, as well as collaboration within research networks in WESTPAC.

The project is implemented through scientific workshops, training courses and summer schools, hand-on practice, exchange of research scientists and students, as well as transfer of techniques and/or methodologies, with outcomes including:
• Establishment of a net-work for research on coral reefs and collaborative coordination with other projects in the region;
• Increase in the ability of capacity building in WESTPAC through exchange of experts, transferring of techniques and training through research;
• Issue of an assessment report on status of coral reefs in WESTPAC in accordance to IOC Medium-Term Strategy;
• Joint publication of research results as monograph and/or special issue in international media.

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