WESTPAC Advisory Group Meeting 2016, Qingdao, China

28 Nov 2016 - 30 Nov 2016

Location Qingdao, China
Event Type Technical Workshops and Trainnings
Organisers Staff Participants

IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC)
First Institute of Oceanography (FIO)

Nachapa Saransuth
Haiyan Wang

Kentaro Ando
Zainal Arifin
Weidong Yu
Si Tuan Vo
Youn-Ho Lee
Ha Dao
Nor Aieni Haji Mokhtar
Aileen Tan Hwai
Yutaka Michida
Ahmad Faisal Mohamad Ayob
Orathai Pongruktham
Yasuwo Fukuyo
Gil Jacinto

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- List of Decisions, Recommendations and Action Points at the WESTPAC Advisory Group Meeting 2016, Qingdao, China, 28-30 November 2016  
Background Information  
- List of Decisions, Recommendations and Action Points at the WESTPAC Advisory Group Meeting 2016, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 13-15 January 2016  
Provisional Agenda (pdf)
1. Opening  
2. Adoption of agenda  
3. Preparatory Status on the 10th WESTPAC International Scientific Conference  
  3.1 Preparatory, coordination efforts by the Local Organizing Committee  
  3.2 Efforts in the dissemination of the information on the Symposium, the identification of keynote speakers and session conveners WITH SUGGESTED ACTIONS  
  3.3 Status on registration, abstract submission and preliminary program based on the number of submitted abstract and feedbacks from session conveners WITH SUGGESTED ACTIONS  
  3.4 Financial implication for local arrangements, invited keynote speakers, session convenors, and young scientists, etc., WITH SUGGESTED ACTIONS  
  3.5 Best Young Scientist award and selection process  
  3.6 Outstanding Scientists award and selection process  
  3.7 Special Publication WITH SUGGESTED ACTIONS  
  3.8 Venue, accommodation, and associated side events during the Symposium  
  3.9 Consideration concerning the venue for the next WESTAPC International Scientific Conference  
  3.10 Other Matters  
  WESTPAC strategy, activities and capacities  
4. Brief review of on-going WESTPAC programs/projects since the 10th WESTPAC Session, May 2015, and the implementation of relevant suggestion from the last AG meeting (13-15 January 2016, Yogyakarta, Indonesia)  
  4.1 Ocean processes and climate in the Indo-Pacific  
    - North East Asian Regional-GOOS  
    - South East Asian Regional-GOOS  
      * Monsoon Onset Monitoring and its Social & Ecosystem Impact (MOMSEI)  
      * Ocean Forecasting System (OFS)  
      * Monitoring the Ecological Impact of Ocean Acidification on Coral Reefs  
    - Air-Sea Interaction in the Kuroshio Extension and its Climate Impact  
    - South China Sea Fluvial Sediments and Environmental Changes  
    - Upwelling studies through ocean data integration towards sustaining ocean health and productivity  
    - Indo-Pacific Ocean Environmental Variations and Air-Sea Interactions  
    - Indo-Pacific Ocean Observations and Services Network  
    - Intersessional Task Force on the Feasibility Study of the 2nd Cooperative Study of Kuroshio and its Adjacent Regions  
  4.2 Marine biodiversity, healthy ecosystems and seafood security  
    Marine & Coastal Biodiversity and Conservation  
    - Coral Reef under Climate and Anthropogenic Perturbations  
    - DNA Taxonomy and Recruitment Monitoring of the Coral Reef Marine Organisms  
    - Marine Toxins and Seafood Safety  
    - Harmful Algal Blooms  
    - Ocean Remote Sensing for Coastal Habitat Mapping  
    - Marine Endangered Species in Tropical Asia for Effective Conservation  
  4.3 Enhanced knowledge of emerging ocean science issues  
    - WG 003: Mapping Harmful Jellyfishes  
    - WG 004: Marine Renewable Energy Technology Development (ppt 1 and ppt 2)  
  4.4 Capacity development for marine science, observations and services  
    - IOC Regional Network of Training and Research Centres, related to the new IOC Capacity Building Strategy  
    - IOC Regional Training and Research Centre on Ocean Dynamics and Climate (RTRC-ODC)  
    - IOC Regional Training and Research Center on Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health (RTRC-MarBEST)  
    - Development of other IOC Regional Training and Research Centres  
  Brainstorming on new areas for WESTPAC’s future possible actions  
5. Evaluation on new proposals  
  5.1 Proposed Working Group on Vulnerability Assessment of Tropical Estuary to Land Use Changes  
  5.2 Proposed Working Group on a framework for cooperative studies in the Western Pacific Marginal Seas: Energy and materials exchange between land and open ocean  
  5.3 Distribution, Source, Fate and Impacts of Marine Microplastics in the Asia Pacific Region  
  5.4 Monitoring the ocean and atmospheric environmental characteristics along Asian route (Asian Route Monitoring project, ARM project)  
6.  WESTPAC and the 2nd International Indian Ocean Expedition (IIOE-2)  
7.  Progress on the Working Group on the Feasibility Study on Joint Scientific Expedition in SCS  
8.  Information exchange on the implementation at national level of the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly its SDG 14- what and how WESTPAC can assist?
- Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
- The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: What role for IOC? 
9.  Global Ocean Oxygen Network (GO2NE)- what and how WESTPAC can do?  
10. Implication of the entry into force of the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments (BWM Convention)- what and how WESTPAC can do?  
11. Preparations for the Eleventh WESTPAC Intergovernmental Session (21-23 April 2017 tentatively) and the Twenty-ninth Session of the IOC Assembly (19-30 June 2017)  
  - Preliminary Agenda of WESTPAC-XI  
  - "Future of IOC"  
  - IOC Communication Strategy  
  - IOC Capacity Development Strategy  
  - IOC Intersessional Working Group on BBNJ  
  - IOC Intersessional Working Group on Financial Advisory Group  
12. Date and Venue for the next Advisory Group meeting  
13. Other matters  
14. Closure  


# Name Job Title Affiliation Address Telephone Fax
1 Dr. Kentaro Ando Supervisory Research Scientist JAMSTEC 2-15 Natsushima, Yokosuka, Japan +81-46-867-9462 +81-46-867-9255
2 Dr Zainal Arifin Deputy chairman of Earth Sciences Indonesian Insitute of Sciences Sasana Widya Sarwono Jl. Jend. Gator Subroto Kav 10 Jakarta Selatan,12710 Indonesia +62 21 525 1850 +61 21 5260804
3 Dr. Weidong Yu Scientist First Institute of Oceanography, SOA 6 Road Xian-Xia-Ling District Lao-Shan Qingdao 266061, China 8653288967403 8653288960673
4 Dr. Si Tuan Vo Scientist Director Institute of Oceanography, 01 Cau Da street, Nha Trang city, Vietnam 84 58 3590032 84 58 3590034
5 Mrs DO THU Secretary Vietnam National IOC Committee, Institute of Oceanography 01, Cau Da, Nha Trang, Vietnam 84.58.3590035 84.58.3590035
6 Dr. Youn-Ho Lee Principal Research Scientist/Professor Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology 787 Haeanro, Ansan 15627, The Republic of Korea 82-31-400-6428, 82-10-5342-209 82-31-400-6425
7 Dr Ha Dao Vice Director Institute of Oceanography, VAST, Vietnam 01 Câu Da Street, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam 84 58 3590677 84 58 3590034
8 Prof Dato' Dr Nor Aieni Haji Mokhtar Vice Chancellor Universiti Malaysia Terengganu UMT 21030 Kuala Terengganu Terengganu Darul Iman 601 09 6684104 601 09 6697418
9 Dr. BUI LONG Chairman Vietnam National IOC Committee, Institute of Oceanography No. 1, Cau Da, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam 84.58.3590772 84.58.3590034
10 Professor Aileen Tan Hwai Lecturer Universiti Sains Malaysia School of Biological Sciences Universiti Sains Malaysia 11800, Penang, Malaysia +604-6533508 (O), +6012-431990 +604-6565125
11 Dr. Yutaka Michida Vice Director, Professor Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo Kashiwanoha 5-1-5 Kashiwa, Japan +81-4-7136-6362 +81-4-7136-6362
12 Dr Ahmad Faisal Mohamad Ayob Director, International Centre Universiti Malaysia Terengganu Pusat Antarabangsa, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, 21030 Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia +60179064733 +6096683991
13 Dr. Orathai Pongruktham Program Officer IOC/WESTPAC UNESCO-IOC Regional Office for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC) c/o the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources 9th Fl. The Government Complex Building B 120 Moo 3, Chaengwattana Rd., Lak Si, Bangkok 10210, Thailand +66 2 141 1287-89 +66 2 143 92 45
14 Dr. Yasuwo Fukuyo Emeritus Professor University of Tokyo Nakashinjuku 3-10-41, Kashiwa, Chiba277-0066 Japan +81-90-4222-1862 +81-4-7128-8317
15 Ms Mizue IIJIMA Administrative Staff Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) 2-15 Natsushima-cho Yokosuka 237-0061 Japan +81-46-867-9288 +81-46-867-9195
16 Dr. Gil Jacinto Professor Marine Science Institute University of the Philippines Diliman 1101 Quezon City Philippines +63 2 9223944 +63 2 9247678

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