International Seminar on Management and Rehabilitation of Corals after the Bleaching Events

15 Sep 2016 - 17 Sep 2016

Coral reefs are species-abundant habitats with high primary production. They act as home and nursery grounds for many economically important marine species, protect coastlines from erosions, and provide food sources and income to millions of people living along coastlines. However, over the past years, losses and changes of marine biodiversity in coral reef ecosystems by anthropogenic activities, natural phenomena, and poor land management practices have become urgent issues.

Coral bleaching has been becoming a global concern. In the Western Pacific and its adjacent regions, mass bleaching of corals has frequently been recorded in the past decade. Recently, in 2010 and 2016, unusual warm waters had resulted in mass coral bleaching during April-May. These last two bleaching events were reported to be more severe than the 1998 bleaching. In some areas in the Andaman Sea, more than 50% of coral bleached and later died.

Given that corals of the Indo-Pacific region, particularly in the Southeast Asia, have been poorly studied and synthesized with respect to the effects of rising of temperatures and oceanic CO2 concentrations on coral reefs, and the response of corals to the environmental changes, it is imperative to understand the stressors and the interactions between stressors and coral reefs in order to ensure the effectiveness of strategies and management plans related to coral reefs.

Date and venue:

With the generous financial support the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) and the Japanese Funds-in-Trust for UNESCO, the international seminar will be jointly organized by Chulalongkorn University and the UNESCO/IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC).

The international seminar will take place on 15-17 September 2016 at the S31 Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. Approximately 50 scientists and government officers from Asian countries are expected to attend this seminar. In addition, to disseminate the results from the seminar, an outline framework and a standard operating procedure on coral reef management and rehabilitation of corals after the bleaching will be developed.


1. bring together scientists, government officers, students, and the public to discuss and advance our understanding of the issues related to coral bleaching and the management in the Western Pacific and adjacent regions;
2. maximize interactions between scientists, government officers, and publics to present and disseminate their work at an international level;
3. strengthen the regional network on coral reef management and rehabilitation among countries in the region;
4. share and synthesize coral restoration techniques, and management response after the bleaching events.

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